Travel & Event Video Production

With HMS, you get a dedicated team shooting stunning 4K video content. We capture the event so you and your staff can fully participate.

What We Do

Document Your Event

We take great care to capture all of the moments that make your event special. From team-building activities and keynote speeches to impromptu karaoke sessions, we have it covered.

Tell Your Story

We produce highlight videos in real time so you can show a recap at the end of the event (or even at the end of each day). The story we tell will live on well past the event dates.

Integrate Seamlessly

You’ll forget we’re even there. When we’re with you, we are an extension of your company and brand. We’ll blend into the background so you can focus on your event.

"I was blown away with the level of expertise and on-demand service HMS provided us at a recent business seminar. The quantity and quality of content (e.g. videos, photos, drone footage, etc.) they were able to provide was phenomenal. They listened to our needs and delivered exactly what we wanted. Thank you HMS!”

Mike Pearce

SePRO Corporation

Why Document Your Next Event?

Make It Memorable

Event recap videos have a long-lasting impression on participants. They can be shared daily, at the end of the event, and even after everyone returns home. Don’t let people forget how much they learned or how much fun they had.

Share the Experience

In many cases, not everyone can make it to your event due to size, budget, or schedule constraints. We produce videos that allow everyone to feel like they were there and get people excited for the next event.

Build Your Content Library

The video we capture can be repurposed by many different departments. For example, HR can showcase your company culture using our footage to attract prospective employees.

Who You’ll Work With

The owners and founders of HMS will travel with you to your event. We’ll personally shoot and edit your video content and handle all of your needs throughout the process. We’ll also work with our network of professional writers and videographers if your event requires additional support.

E3-Mark-Hodges copy
Mark Hodges, Co-Founder

Mark is obsessed with travel. He received his Bachelor of Journalism from the University of Missouri and enjoys helping companies tell their story through digital marketing and video production.

Mark enjoys scuba diving, ziplining, and trying new things in places he’s never been. He is known to pull all-nighters to make sure your project turns out perfectly.

He’s looking forward to traveling with you!

Hannah Hodges, Co-Founder

Hannah is a multimedia producer and visual storyteller who received her Bachelor of Arts from the David Letterman School of Telecommunications at Ball State University.

She is most comfortable out in nature. She enjoys spending her time exploring and documenting new, exciting places, and she’ll bring that energy to your next event.

She is looking forward to being your go-to for all things video!

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